8T Arclinis Letter to Mr Brady

26th October 2011

Dear Mr Brady

We would really like to thank you for letting us go to Ardclinis on Tuesday 25th October. We had a great day!

As a small class, we were able to meet other people in Year 8 and we made new friends. The team building games helped us to work together and they were very worthwhile.

We played games like Crate Building. This meant that we had to stack crates as high as possible and one person stood on top. When the crates fell a member of the team held the climber up on a rope before lowing them to the ground. We really had to trust each other.

Indeed, our trip to Ardclinis was really enjoyable and made for a brilliant day out. We all agree that Laser tag was great fun and this is probably what we enjoyed the most. You should have seen Miss McFaul and Mrs Blaney in the Laser gear; it was hilarious!

We’ve attached some photos for you to see.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards


School Council Elections

The Year Group Assemblies in St Killian’s were buzzing with election excitement in October, as students from Years 8 – 14 went to the polls to elect their representatives for the School Council 2011. The council is made up of two elected representatives from each year group. Each prospective candidate is asked to speak in front of their whole year group and give an outline of their manifesto pledges, a valuable experience in itself. Once elected, the councillors have to make sure that they put forward both their views and the views of pupils in their year group as they are the representatives of the other students in the school. A School Council is a great opportunity for the whole school community as it fosters, nurtures and promotes student involvement.

Mr McIlwaine, who is co-ordinating the School Council, explained: “A School Council should make the school a better place for the students, as they consider issues which can lead to school improvement. They are given a voice and the forum to try and make their suggestions become reality. I hope that the School Council will enable pupils to contribute, influence and initiate strategic ideas relating to the day to day running of school.”

Road Safety Week Event

As part of Road Safety week the college hosted the special “Causes and Consequences” event, facilitated by the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Services, on Friday the 25th November 2011. The event commenced with a powerful presentation by firefighter Denis Kelly which highlighted the potentially fatal dangers of being in a car when a driver is speeding, distracted or their judgement has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The presentation was followed by an outdoor re-enactment of a rescue by the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Services following a fatal car crash. The following comments by post 16 students who attended the event give an indication of the impact that it had on them:

‘I found this event very useful as it really hit home about the implications of a serious accident.’

‘The demonstration was very realistic and probed an evaluation of my own driving.’

‘The talk was very informative and useful. Outdoor re-enactment was very in the moment as if you were there. The event showed the dangers of high speed, drink and drugs.’

‘Everyone involved within the outdoor re-enactment was very convincing. Overall an excellent event.’

‘Taking part in the event as one of the firefighters made it all seem real even though I had spoken to the actors at the start’

‘It was a big wake up call, as although I knew potential dangers, I didn’t quite realise how big an impact it could have on my life or my friends. It made it very visual and made me aware that it could happen to anyone.’

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