Road Safety Week Event

As part of Road Safety week the college hosted the special “Causes and Consequences” event, facilitated by the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Services, on Friday the 25th November 2011. The event commenced with a powerful presentation by firefighter Denis Kelly which highlighted the potentially fatal dangers of being in a car when a driver is speeding, distracted or their judgement has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The presentation was followed by an outdoor re-enactment of a rescue by the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Services following a fatal car crash. The following comments by post 16 students who attended the event give an indication of the impact that it had on them:

‘I found this event very useful as it really hit home about the implications of a serious accident.’

‘The demonstration was very realistic and probed an evaluation of my own driving.’

‘The talk was very informative and useful. Outdoor re-enactment was very in the moment as if you were there. The event showed the dangers of high speed, drink and drugs.’

‘Everyone involved within the outdoor re-enactment was very convincing. Overall an excellent event.’

‘Taking part in the event as one of the firefighters made it all seem real even though I had spoken to the actors at the start’

‘It was a big wake up call, as although I knew potential dangers, I didn’t quite realise how big an impact it could have on my life or my friends. It made it very visual and made me aware that it could happen to anyone.’

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