Peace 3 Project

On Monday 28thNovember we accompanied Mrs Kane, Mrs Cosgrove and our fellow students from Larne High and Roddensvale School

Peace 3on what was to be an eventful journey around Belfast. Over the past three years we have been studying cultural and heritage awareness. On this occasion we visited various key destinations in the city including Stormont, the Ship Yard, The Odyssey Arena, The Titanic Quarter and much more. We travelled in a large double decker bus and had the privilege of having a personal tour guide to enlighten us on the historical and political features of each area.

We went on to explore the most affected parts of Belfast during the troubles including the Europa which was bombed 28 times, Sandy Row, Shankhill Road and the Falls Road. We also saw the famous murals. The most memorable part of our trip was signing the Peace wall. To end the day we were treated to a trip to the Continental Market at Belfast City hall. We tasted food from different countries. It was a great experience and a trip we will never forget.

By Rachael O Boyle, Laura O Boyle & Aoife Walsh


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