St Killian’s Year 10s win Maths Challenge

LASCO Maths challenge winners - St Killian's College Class 10A

St Killian’s College Mathematics Department took part in the LASCO Maths Challenge on Friday 1st February 2013 to raise funds for LASCO, a registered charity which supports worthy projects in Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua and Bolivia for the impoverished street children of South America.

All students in 8C, 9C and 10C paid to participate in the challenge and Class 10A Maths completed Quiz 4, an on-line speed challenge.  They were successful in reaching the tie-break with 12 other schools.

The tie-break question was then e-mailed to all 12 class teachers at a specified time.  The class then had to work on the problem and the first to e-mail the correct solutions won the overall prize.  The class succeeded in the challenge and won £400 of Maths Resources courtesy of E&I Engineering along with a trophy.  Students were rewarded with a trip to the cinema during the last week of term.

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