St Killian’s students tour the Houses of Parliament.


Earlier this week a group of KS4 LLW students from St Killian’s College visited London on an educational trip to the Palace of Westminster. The Palace is the home of the British Parliament where decisions about the running of the UK have been made for hundreds of years.

As part of a guided tour, the students sat in awe of the 900 year old Westminster Hall, a place that has hosted trials of many historical figures including King Charles I, Guy Fawkes and the Scottish Braveheart William Wallace.  In the Central Lobby, the heart of the Houses of Parliament, the students watched with interest a procession of Queen Elizabeth II’s mace pass through on its way to the chambers.

As their tour progressed into the compact and intimate House of Commons followed by the lavish House of Lords, students saw where debates take place and decisions that affect their lives are made.  The tour brought into reality the theory students had learnt about the workings of government from their LLW classes.

The students found the trip to be a valuable learning experience, supporting their understanding of democracy and the role and relevance of Parliament in society, and it has sparked an enthusiasm to further discuss and investigate the politics of their own devolved Parliament.  This experience was made possible by East Antrim MLA, MP Mr Sammy Wilson, who extended the visit invitation following a visit to the school last January.

For the group who went to London, the tour of the magnificent historical building of the Palace of Westminster was a fantastic learning experience.  One student said on his return that the trip “was enjoyable because we were learning and having fun at the same time.”


The group was accompanied by their class teacher Mrs Caroline McDonnell and by Mr Brady.

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