St Killian’s College students win NI Stock Market Challenge

A group of Year 11 students from St Killian’s College has won the finals of the NI Stock Market Challenge held on Tuesday in PwC Google Hive, Belfast

The boys (Stephen Emerson, Ronan McAteer, Sean Martin and John McAlister) had won an earlier round of the competition in February to qualify for the finals in Belfast.

The final stage of the Stock Market Challenge involved a scenario where the boys would work on behalf of a client as a consultancy team in a firm such as PWC. They were given this information beforehand and appointed Stephen Emerson as their Team Leader, Ronan McAteer would be the Investment Analyst, Sean Martin would be the Media Analyst and John McAlister would be the Account Manager.

When the challenge started in the Google Hive in PwC the boys quickly excelled at the trading aspect of the task and became the leaders by a considerable amount. The team succeeded in making over £35,000 each day for the four days of trading resulting in a total profit of £153,000 – a 38.1% profit of the original £400,000 they had been given.

As Stephen and Ronan focused on the trading aspect of the day, Sean and John got to work with the second part of the challenge which was creating a poster to summarise their strategy and explain how the trading decisions had been made given the profile of their client. The judges commented on how well the St Killian’s team used numbers and facts within their poster but ultimately gave the poster prize to Rathmore College for their focus on the ethics of their client.

As both parts of the challenge were weighted equally however St Killian’s College emerged as the overall winners for the day with the higher aggregate score.

The team members each received £20 Amazon vouchers and they also won a prize of £250 for the school.

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