2017 Leavers

It is the tradition that each leavers’ group from St Killian’s plant a tree in the school grounds. This tradition was started over half a century ago in St MacNissi’s and continued through to the present day.

The class of 2017 held their tree planting service recently along with Year Head Mrs Patricia McKay and Head of the Senior  School Mr Dermot Logue.

The tree, this year is known as Acer platanoides, the Crimson King.

The Crimson King is a beautiful, showy specimen – tolerant of a variety of soil and environmental conditions which means that this tree will thrive almost anywhere. For this reason, many landscapers choose the Crimson King to add colour and character to residential streets.

A fast-growing tree, valued for its dark purple-red summer foliage and attractive red autumn colour.  It bears eye-catching yellow red tinged flowers in spring.  The Crimson king reaches 45 feet in height and 30 feet in breadth.

This was followed later in the day by Mass celebrated in the College chapel by chaplin Fr Conor McCarthy and attended by the students and their families.

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