Additional Mathematics



Additional Mathematics aims to provide:


(a)    a deeper conceptual understanding of pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics in preparation for further and higher studies in mathematics.


(b)   a mathematical foundation for those about to follow higher studies in other subjects in which Mathematics and application of mathematics is important, e.g. science, geography, design and technology.


(c)    an opportunity for those with no specific requirement in mathematics to further their studies in the subject because of its attraction and fascination.



Additional Mathematics in made up of 3 parts:

(a)    pure mathematics

(b)   mechanics

(c)    statistics


It is assessed through 2 papers, one testing pure mathematics and the other testing mechanics and statistics. Each paper lasts 2 hours and is worth 50%.


Only those students who gain a high result in their summer exam or are recommended by their teacher should consider doing Additional Mathematics.  Additional Mathematics provides a very strong foundation for AS/A Level Mathematics.


Students who wish to study AS/A level Mathematics are strongly encouraged to study Additional Mathematics as one of their options.




Mathematics gives the students a wide choice of careers, especially in banking and finance, engineering, pure sciences, statistics and operational research, information technology, medicine and associated sciences and teaching.