Art & Design


Art and Design activities involve being creative and imaginative using a combination of practical and intellectual skills to produce a variety of different visual and tactile outcomes.



The study of Art and Design provides students with opportunities to enrich their sensory experiences and develop aesthetic sensitivity and awareness by making personal, visual and tactile responses to feelings, ideas and environments.  Students develop intellectual and practical abilities, appreciate the relationship between their work and that of artists, designers and craftworkers in their own and other cultures and become aware of the history and social aspects of the European Community.  In their use and exploration of materials, processes and technologies in both two- and three-dimensions students learn to be selective and discriminating.



Coursework (1.5 years from September of Year 11 to January of Year 12)

Unit 1: The Core Portfolio.

You will spend at least 45 hours, over four terms, on your portfolio of work, which should contain no more than 20 A2 sheets. You will experiment with a wide range of media, materials and techniques to develop your existing skills and to acquire new skills.


Externally set Assignment from January of Year 12

Unit 2: Examination (Working to a Stimulus)

You will creatively investigate and develop ideas in response to a theme set by CCEA. You will use a wide range of media, materials, processes and techniques to develop your ideas and produce an outcome in fine art, craft or design in either 2D or 3D.




There are a wide range of careers to which Art and Design can make a contribution:

Artist in various Media:-Ceramics, Crafts, Drawing, Embroidery, Glass, Wood, Architecture, Art Therapies, Digital Modelling, Public Art and Design, Teaching

The Design Industry, Visual/Media and Theatre.