Business Studies



Business Studies is a dynamic subject where students learn about the working environment into which they will emerge on completion of their studies.  Students will be involved in the decision-making process faced those involved in business in the real world.  They will have opportunities to be involved in case studies, investigations, simulations and mini-enterprises.  In addition, pupils should have opportunities to have direct contacts with businesses in their local environment.



Unit 1: Business Start Up (Written Exam: 1hr 20mins)                               35%

  • • Business Start Up
  • • Production
  • • Marketing


Unit 2:  -Business Development (Written Exam: 1hr 40mins)                    40%

  • • Finance
  • • Managing People
  • • Business Growth
  • • Business Plan


-Controlled assessment                                                                     25%

Format: Candidates complete one task from arange of tasks released in

September each year





In higher education it is an excellent preparation for a wide range of degree courses including Business Studies, Marketing, Law, Economics and Accountancy. Business Studies also prepares pupils for most other Degrees as all have the above elements included as core modules.  As a course which has a vocational slant, it provides an excellent preparation for immediate entry into the world of work.  Whatever your career plans, the subject will suit you if you are looking for a stimulating and challenging course that has relevance to everyday life.