Construction and the Built Environment



This specification has been developed to give students a realistic understanding and experience of Construction as part of a broad Key Stage 4 programme. It has been designed to enable teachers and students to develop an authentic working relationship with the real world-of-work. It provides opportunities for the application of knowledge, understanding and skills through a range of theoretical and practical contexts. However, the emphasis on the practical will enable the students to have a motivating and enjoyable experience of working in the Construction industry.




UNIT 1: Construction Industry for the 21st Century                                    40%   

(1hr 30min exam)


This unit is a comprehensive introduction to the construction industry.

Students have an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the main types of construction, related employment, and the resources used in the building environment.


UNIT 2: Construction Craft Project                                                 30%


  • Candidates will choose a task (45 marks) from one of the following themes;

–        Timber

–        Brick

–        Plaster; and

–        Pipes.

–        There is no design element however candidates are required to complete a Craft folder (15 marks)


UNIT 3: Computer Aided Design in Construction                           30%


Tasks will be contextualised based on the following themes;

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Recreational; or
  • Institutional (e.g. Health Centre, Office unit etc)

Candidates have a series of design/drafting tasks to perform under controlled conditions

  • Candidates are required to build up a portfolio of work within the allotted timeframe using AutoCAD software



This course provides opportunities for progression into Further Education, training and/or employment in the Construction industry.