Double Award Science



The main aim of the course is to meet the requirements of the NI programme of study for KS4 science and to facilitate the study of Science subjects to ‘A’ level.

Other aims include giving students the opportunity to:


  • Acquire and evaluate scientific knowledge and skills that may be applied in domestic, industrial and environmental contexts.
  • Plan, carry out, interpret and evaluate a scientific investigation using ICT where appropriate.
  • Select, organise and present information clearly and logically.


From September 2011 the course will follow the modular specification, with three exams at the end of year 11 (one each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and three exams at the end of year 12.  The exams in year 11 are worth 33% of the final mark and the exams in year 12 are worth 42%.


Controlled assessment:

Two full investigations are carried out.  These are marked by the subject teachers, standardised within departments and a sample are externally moderated by CCEA

The controlled assessment is worth 25% of final mark.





  • Curiosity and interest
  • Scientific understanding
  • Practical skills
  • Critical and creative thought
  • Developing and evaluating explanations
  • Understanding of how science is used in industry, business and medicine and how it effects life and society
  • Confidence in expressing views and evaluating decisions





B B grades or higher are required for the study of Science subjects to ‘A’ level.  Marks for each of the 6 science papers are available at the end of KS4 to help students decide on appropriate subject choices at ‘A’ level.  The study of ‘A’ level chemistry is essential for students intending to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering and the biological sciences e.g. biochemistry, biomedical sciences etc. It is also strongly recommended for other scientific disciplines. Physics is required for engineering degrees.