• To develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required for the making and appraising of drama forms;
  • To develop the self-confidence required to explore and express ideas through the devising and making of performances;
  • To develop the ability to work collaboratively and refine team work skills to achieve shared goals;
  • To engage with and develop enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of dramatic texts in performance which will have a positive impact on the study of English/Literature.




1.  30% Controlled Assessment (practical work):


  • Acting:   Scenes from a set examination text
  • One performance element from the following list of options: Improvisation, Devised performance, Dance Drama, Mime


2.  30% Externally moderated practical work


Acting – selected scenes from a play of your choice


  1. 3.       40% Written paper


Section A:  Set text “Blood Brothers” Section B: Scripted Performance
1.  Costume design for a character in a particular scene.


3.  A report examining the methods the student used to explore and prepare for the Scripted Performance task in Year 12.
2. One essay based on a character from “Blood Brothers”  


GCSE Drama is an active subject where students are encouraged to research, perform and appraise as well as read, watch and analyse.  The onus is placed on group work as much of the overall grade is composed from the practical work (60%).


N.B. Students who wish to study Drama must attend school regularly as this course depends on effective group work.




Studying Drama will develop skills that are important if your intention is to be involved with Drama at some professional level, for example, a Performing Arts course at University or a career in theatre.  In addition, Drama can also make an enormous contribution to your personal development.  In today’s world, employers are looking for mature, creative people who can communicate effectively, present ideas with confidence, work on their own initiative and display team spirit – precisely the skills that Drama develops.  Students of Drama and Theatre Studies have used their qualification in this subject to apply for courses in Journalism, Teaching, Law, Advertising/Media, PR/Marketing, Business/Charities administrator, Social work and Youth/Community work.