For those who have good linguistic ability the opportunity is provided to choose to continue both languages which they have studied in Key Stage 3.  GCSE requirements are common to all languages and across the different exam boards.  Pupils are usually entered for AQA exams in French.  The College is proud of its excellent tradition of high grades in GCSE Languages.



Courses in KS4 build on the four skill areas which are practised in KS3 and the GCSE exam tests each of these skills, namely:

  • Listening         20%     – pupils understand and respond to spoken language
  • Speaking         30%     – pupils communicate in speech
  • Reading          20%     – pupils understand and respond to written language
  • Writing            30%     – pupils communicate in writing.

In speaking and writing pupils are required to show knowledge and accurate use of a range of prescribed grammar and structures.  These two skills are tested through controlled assessment usually done in the second term of Year 12.  At the end of Year 12 most pupils do the Higher Tier exam in the listening and reading components but Foundation Tier exams are available for those who find one or both of the skills challenging.


The subject content of the GCSE specification builds on many of the areas already covered in KS3 and can be summarized in the following contexts/themes:

  1. 1.      Lifestyle


Relationships and Choices

  1. 2.      Leisure

Free Time and the Media


  1. 3.      Home and Environment

Home and Local Area


  1. 4.      Work and Education

School/College and Future Plans

Current and Future Jobs




The choice of language(s) taken depends on your own individual preferences and equal benefit can be derived from the study of any language.  All courses help you to understand your own language better and increase your understanding of other cultures and lifestyles.  Many employers, even on a local basis, place considerable importance on language skills and most universities provide opportunities for students to continue their language studies alongside their main course of study.