Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies


MV&RUS helps you to develop as an informed and responsible road user. It gives you the opportunity to progress to vocational training and employment. It also prepares you for driver training and the driving test.


Why study MV&RUS?

To gain an interest and appreciation of the motor vehicle. To develop an awareness of the interaction of the road user, the environment and the vehicle. To develop a respect for the safety of road users. To learn to act decisively and positively at the scene of an accident. To acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the use of a powered vehicle. To develop an understanding of the mathematical, scientific and technological principle of motor vehicles and  to acquire a range of manipulative and communicative skills




UNIT 1: Motor Vehicle and Road User Theory                                          40%

Written exam: Foundation – 1 hour 30 minutes / Higher – 2 hours


  • Vehicle Control and Road User Behaviour
  • Legal Requirements
  • Road Transport and its Effects on Society
  • Motoring Mathematics
  • Accident Procedures
  • Motor Vehicle Technology


UNIT 2: Investigative Study                                                             30%


  • A 2000 word study on a selected theme as recommended by CCEA
  • This will involve about 23 hours work and involves the collection of data, the preparation of analysis and interpretation of results and a conclusion

UNIT 3: Practical Riding Activity                                                                 30%


  • This allows pupils to demonstrate their skills of vehicle control and road craft through a series of controlled riding activities


  • Engineering
  • Automotive Master Mechanic
  • Avionics
  • Automotive Technician
  • Motor Vehicle Operator
  • Motor Vehicle Light Assembler