Single Award Science

Science Department

Departmental Staff List:

Dr J Huddleston Head of Science & Head of Chemistry

Mr E Regan Head of Physics

Mrs J Brolly Junior Science/Science/Chemistry/Biology

Ms A Kyle Junior Science/Science/Chemistry/Biology

Miss T Mallon Junior Science/Science/Chemistry/Physics

Mr E McErlain Junior Science/Science/Biology

Mrs E McKay Biology

Dr J McKiernan Junior Science/Physics

Mrs S Cahoon Senior Science Technician


Key Stage 3

At KS3 students follow the Exploring Science programme which incorporates topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each unit should last between 3 & 4 weeks.  In years 8 &10, students have 7 x 52 minute lessons per fortnight; year 9 students have 8×52 minute lessons per fortnight.  Students are taught by one teacher in years 8 & 9.  In year 10, Science operates a carousel; each class spends ten weeks with one subject and specialist teacher and then moves on to the next subject and teacher and after other 10 weeks moves on to the final subject and teacher.  Changeover dates for year 10 are:

–    Week commencing 19th November 2012

–    Week commencing 11th March 2013


Key Stage 4

There are two options at GCSE: Double Award (Modular) or Single Award Science (Modular).  Both follow the CCEA specification.  Students are advised by departmental staff in year 10 to aid decision-making.

Double Award GCSE:  Students are taught by three teachers (one for each subject) and have 4/5 x 52 minute periods in each of the three disciplines a fortnight.  Students sit three terminal papers at the end of year 11 and three at the end of year 12.  Students will complete two pieces of controlled assessment as part of the course.

Single Award GCSE:  Students are taught by one teacher and have either 7 or 8 x 52 minute periods of Science per fortnight.  Students complete one module during year 11 and two during year 12.  One piece of controlled assessment is completed during the course.


At both AS and A-level students have 12 x 52 min periods per fortnight.  All three subjects are modular, with exams both in January and June.  Students normally require at least a ‘BB’ in Double Award Science to be permitted to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at A-level.


Exam Board









This course aims to ease the method of study by examining in modules, two in year 11 and two in year 12 along with two controlled assessments.  This will allow the pupil to assess their progress since they receive the results within 8 weeks of sitting the module.  This modular system reduces the work load on the students who have difficulty with science as the course is broken into smaller components which are examined separately.


This subject consists of 4 modular exams covering the three science subject areas.

This course will offer the pupils an opportunity to obtain from an A* to a G.  The pupils will be required to undertake each module with their maximum effort since the time pressure offers little opportunity for repeating modules.


The specification is changing from September 2011 and module weightings have not yet been finalized.

N.B. Undertaking this course will rule a candidate out from studying Science at a higher level and would only suit students who definitely do not require double award science as entry into further study at A-level.