Technology and Design



This course encourages you to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad course of study which will include the development of knowledge, understanding and skills related to Technology and Design; designing, materials, manufacture, electronics, computer control, computer aided design, pneumatics, graphics, mechanisms. It will allow you to gain insight into related career sectors such as manufacturing and engineering.



UNIT 1: Technology and Design Core (Sat in Year 11)                                20%

Written  Exam            1 hour                                     

You will study materials, manufacturing, electronics, mechanical control systems, computer control systems, and pneumatic control systems.


UNIT 2: Systems and Control (Sat in Year 12)                                            20%

Written Exam 1 hour                                                                         

In this unit you will study electronics and microelectronic control systems.


UNIT 3: We don’t do this Unit


UNIT 4: Design Assignment (Completed in Year 11)                                 20%

Controlled assessment                                 

This unit allows you to demonstrate your capability to design a product.


UNIT 5: Design Project  (Completed in Year12)                                         40%

Controlled assessment

In this unit you will design and manufacture and electronic product.






Naval Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Product Design

Teaching (primary and secondary)

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Building and Technology Management

Construction crafts and other construction work

Manufacturing Industries


Medicine, dentistry, nursing etc.      ( T&D is excellent for developing both problem solving and fine motor skills which are needed in this field )


Due to the amount of ICT within the course it would be useful if pursuing courses/careers where basic ICT skills are required.